About Us

Here at Billiejo Clothing we believe in empowering women, to be themselves no matter what phase of life you are in. We strive to create swimwear, fitness apparel and clothing that caters to the everyday women, one that can easily transition from one life activity to the next. We are always aiming to make our designs more flattering, comfortable, and unique. Each item is given special care with the women in mind who will wear it, from the design process to the construction, so that you truly are getting a product that was made for you.
With an ever growing swimwear and activewear community, we aim to stay unique, which is why each item is still hand constructed instead of factory made. An elite team of seamstresses living in Utah take the utmost care when constructing your items out of their homes, allowing them to not only work but to also raise a family. We believe in giving and helping women of all backgrounds the ability to flourish.